As part of the Billund Builds Music week, the Tufts University research team will be joined by experts in different fields related to music, composition and engineering. These experts will be available to conduct 1 hour workshops in your classroom throughout the week. Please see below for descriptions of the available workshops.

Contact Morten Møller ( to schedule a workshop for your classroom.


Rhys, Jacob, and Zack are the creators of an iPad app for music composition called Opus. With iPads in tow, they will lead your classroom in an activity to have students compose their own songs. Through simple functionality and kid-friendly graphics the app makes it easier for kids to conceptualize, hear and edit their musical creations. Sharing your finished songs is also simple with Opus, and students can post their work to your classroom's page on the Billund Builds Music website.

Music Appreciation and Song Writing

In this hour of musical discovery, Matt will lead students through a discussion of what makes music so nice to listen to and introduced to the concepts of rhythm, melody, and harmony. After listening to and talking about a few songs, students will be lead through a couple of rhythm exercises that will get them stomping, clapping, and dancing along to their own beats.

Science of Sound

David Wells is the Director of Maker Programming at the New York Hall of Science (NYSCI). As a musician, David has a particular affinity for musical instruments and their construction. At NYSCI, David runs a maker program focused on building musical instruments, both mechanical and digital. In his workshop, David will lead the class in a discussion of the science of sound and how it works, through the mental deconstruction of real instruments. By drawing comparisons between the materials that make up different types of instruments, students gain an understanding of both the constraints and creative opportunities they have in making their own instruments and understanding how they create sound.

Engineering Design Process

Jen is a 4th year student in mechanical engineering at Tufts University. At Tufts, she participates in the Student Teacher Outreach Mentorship Program (STOMP), which aims to bring engineering concepts into local elementary schools through fun, project-based and hands-on curricula. In her workshop, Jen will review the engineering design process and guide the students in an evaluation of their own progress as well as design share-outs where students can express constructive comments about each others work share the specialized knowledge they have gained through working on their individual projects.

Percussion Workshop

Jeg hedder Morten Hougård, og jeg læser musikpædagogik og slagtøj på Musikkonservatoriet i Esbjerg. Jeg interesserer mig for hvordan musikken påvirker os mennesker om det er i indlæringen eller det er ting der sker i hjernen på os og glæder mig til nogle gode rytme/melodi/kompositions-workshops med jer
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