Week Overview

Examples of the Week:

Below are several examples of how you could structure your week. These examples all contain the same basic components, in a different order depending on the interests and goals of you and your students. The items in bold are common throughout the examples and we strongly suggest that you keep them on the days they appear.

Boston Pilot Workshops:

Week-long Workshop with Ages 8-13

3-day Workshop with Ages 6-8


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Example 1: Topics Spread Throughout the Week

In this example, the main topics of the week are explored for some time each day.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  • Brainstorming
  • Building
  • Shareouts
  • Planning for rest of week


Example 2: New Topics Each Day

In this example, each day is dedicated to one of the major topics of the week including the science of sound, types of instruments, the history of music, musical instrument building and composition and rehearsal.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  • Science of Sound
  • Physics Demonstrations
  • Musical Petting Zoo
  • How are sound and music related?
  • Brainstorming
  • Building
  • Shareouts


Example 3: Exploring Instrument Families

This example of the week explores different ideas of the week through the different families of instruments. The different concepts pertaining to the science of sound and the mini building activities are spread out by how they relate to the different instrument families.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  • Brainstorming
  • Building
  • Shareouts
  • History of Music
  • Planning for rest of week


Example 4: Music and Composition Focused

In this example week, students begin by playing real instruments and analyzing musical selections. Students make connections to the real world that they can apply throughout the week as they explore and compose for different instruments families and finally apply to their own instrument.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
  • Listen to musical selections
  • Students play with real instruments
  • Music Appreciation and Song Writing Workshop
  • Instrument brainstorming
  • Shareouts


Components of the Week:

More specific activities and lessons to focus on the major topics of the week. Click any link to see more information about that topic.

Science of Sound


Types of Instruments

  • Brainstorm what instruments students already know
  • Individual research, teach other students what you’ve learned
  • Mini building projects for different types of instruments
    • String instruments- how do different tensions affect pitch?
    • Woodwind instruments- how do different lengths of air columns affect pitch?
    • See this past curriculum about musical instruments for inspiration


Building Instruments

  • Engineering design process- promote iteration leading up to final instrument
  • 1st round of instrument building
  • Final instrument- begin around middle of week


Music History and Composition

  • Rhythm- tie into a lesson about percussion instruments
  • Solfeggio
  • What is the historical role of music?
  • What do people like about certain music?
  • Composition- How do I write music down so that someone else can also play it?


Rehearsal and Performance

  • Students form bands and compose a song together
  • Rehearsals throughout the week
  • Dress rehearsal in the last few days


Documentation of Student Processes and Thinking


Traveling Workshops

  • Rhys, Jacob, Zack- Music Composition
  • David Wells- Science of Sound
  • Matt Mueller- Music Appreciation and Song Writing
  • Jen Scinto- Engineering Design Process
  • Morten Hougård- Percussion Workshop
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