Idea Documentation

We hope that students will document their final instruments and what they have learned throughout the week to share with our researchers and other members of the community. There are unlimited ways that students can creatively document their work, and here are a few examples:

Engineering Design Journals

Professional engineers draft, blueprint, and record ideas about their constructions before they build a prototype. With an engineering design journal, students can practice sketching modeling and noting their thoughts and hypotheses about sound science and instrument building. Below is a sample design journal entry from a student who drew a picture and recorded a reflection about a class activity on drums.

Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.28.35 PM Screen Shot 2015-07-23 at 3.24.40 PM

For more inspiration about engineering design journals, and to view more student samples, a template engineering design journal, and an answer guide, check out this Engineering Design Journal Ideas post.

SAM Animation Videos

Older students with access to cameras and computers can document their work from the week in the form of a video. Here are two examples of videos created with stop motion animation, where many pictures are taken and played in sequence to form a video. Students would not be limited to this style of video, and can feel free to be creative with their videos.


Comic Strips

Students of any age would be able to document their work in the form of a comic strip or other drawings.







Engineering Drawings

Students who are interested in the engineering component of the week may wish to document their work from the week in the form of engineering drawings of their instrument. Obviously, students have not studied the technicalities of engineering sketches but could still be creative and informative in the way they present their instruments.


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