Getting Started

Welcome to Billund Builds Music! We’re so excited to have so many teachers participating in what will be an interdisciplinary and hands-on exploration of engineering, science, and the arts through the creation of musical instruments.

This website will be a valuable resource as you plan how the week will take shape in your classroom. It will also be the platform for documenting what your students create throughout the week.


Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.45.03 AMTeacher Resources

The teacher resources section of the website is an important component of the planning stages for the week of instruction.

The week overview section provides several examples of how a teacher could structure the week in their classroom to prioritize different aspects of the multiple disciplines explored throughout the week.

Under suggested materials is a list of commonly used materials in projects submitted to the ideas and inspirations section. Clicking on a specific material will show you all of the posts that utilize that material.

The teacher’s guides provide extra background information on the topics pertaining to the week. Teachers can brush up on the science related to sound and music and music composition and read research articles on how students represent their ideas and respond to project based learning.

The science resources section is comprised of posts providing links to external sources for information about the science of sound and music. This is a section in which teachers who have registered for accounts for the site can create their own posts to share with the community.

The ideas and inspirations sections is also comprised of posts of project ideas for students. This is also a section that teachers will be able to add to by creating posts and sharing their ideas with the community.



Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 9.45.21 AMClassroom Pages

Every class participating in the Billund Builds Music project has its own page on our website for posts about students’ progress throughout the week. To get to your class page, navigate to your school on the dropdown menu, then choose your grade level and class.

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Creating Posts

Anyone with a registered account can create a post on our website in many sections including science of sound and science of music resources, ideas and inspirations, classroom posts and questions and concerns. Anywhere you can create a post you will see a gray button that turns orange when you hover over it. The button will say “Submit a [type of post] post.” You will then have the option to include any type of content in your post that you would like. Then click publish post and it will be visible on the site for everyone to see!

We highly encourage posting your own ideas and resources you’ve found to the website. You can also comment on the posts of others using the comment box located beneath the content of the post. This sharing of ideas and feedback will benefit everyone in our online community as we prepare and engage in the Billund Builds Music week!

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