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Billund Builds Music is a full week of project based and play based learning where children design, build and perform on their own musical instruments. It takes place in Billund, the Capital of Children, and more than 4,000 children will actively take part in the project.

The week culminates at a live music festival. Here the children will experience professional musicians performing and present what they have worked on in workshops through concerts.

But Billund Builds Music is more than just a fun week of music. A group of researchers will be following the project closely to assess how it affects children’s motivation, problem-solving skills and creativity.


Timeline, 2015

The online community at launches, and is used by the teachers to share, document, and learn from both ongoing and past projects as plans are developed in regards to Billund Builds Music in October.

Pilot classrooms in Boston (led by Tufts University) will test the documentation and sharing via the digital space and create examples of the design process and potential learning experience.

Research metrics that will be used to assess the effectiveness of the week will be refined during the summer months, as well as an additional pilot workshop and the creation of professional development for teachers around the activities of the week.

For the 19th to 24th of October, students of all ages in Billund will build and share musical instruments. The week culminates with the Live Music in Schools festival, 25th to 27th of October.

Results of the research conducted during the workshop will be shared, highlighting the design processes of different groups, changes in learning about the science of sound, as well as the motivation, passion, and enthusiasm shown by the students.

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